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Cosmo's Quickstop is a fast-paced game about managing a rest stop in space. The player controls Morvin, who's inherited a rest stop in space. To make money, you need to fill orders from customers by completing small tasks, like refilling gas, making sure the glorp room is clean, and clearing mold from the coffee shower filters. All of these tasks are done by completing mini games - typing short keyboard commands, specific mouse clicks and movements, arrow key inputs, and running to different parts of the space station. Although the tasks are simple, they pile up quickly and require deft and decisive movement from the player.


Cosmo's Quickstop was first conceived in its most basic state from the 2016 Global Game Jam. Big Sir Games had taken a break from working on a massive 3D platformer to come together and make a quick game over a weekend. The theme was “Ritual!” and they had decided to create a game about office rituals set in Hell’s call center for ritual deployment.Eight months later, they realised that the 3D platformer they were working on was bound to be a failure. It was taking too long and the challenges of it were far more than our small team could handle. They spent a month scrambling, prototyping new game ideas, and having late-night, Redbull-fueled brainstorming sessions. After that month, they realized that they had already started making the game they wanted to make - that Global Game Jam game. They took a lot of ideas that came from that game, wrapped them in a new wrapper of space gas station, and took off running.Once they really dove into Cosmo’s Quickstop, they were amazed at how fast and easily things were flowing from them. Compared to the failed project that had been holding them back, this felt like they had opened the floodgate of their creative minds. Although their team is very small with limited skills and resources, they feel like that they are so in-sync with each other and the vision of this game that no obstacle could slow them down.


  • Lengthy campaign mode, where players can start at the bottom and build their Quickstop back to its former glory (and beyond!)
  • Many ways to customize the Quickstop, creating a multitude of ways to play. Each in-game day is different.
  • -Several high score game modes with varying difficulty, along with local and global leaderboards.


There are currently no trailers available for Cosmo's Quickstop. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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About Big Sir Games

Big Sir Games is a Chicago-based game studio created by 3d artists. We strive to make indie games that have rich character animation and 3d enviroments.

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Cosmo's Quickstop Credits

Ian Beckman
Director, Programmer

Erin Beckman
Character Animator, Project Manager

Bryan Kaelin
Technical Artist

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